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Communal Coffee is the whole package and then some.

 Fully equipped roasting facilities with green coffee storage, drum and fluid-bed roasting, quality control lab, sample roasting, professional packing stations, logistic center for big and small shipments, office space, communal area for sharing ideas, and meeting rooms for small seminars.


Communal Coffee is a community, a network of coffee professionals from coffee producers and importers to coffee shop owners and brewing device manufacturers. We build the community to create the best possibilities
for us all to learn, grow, and evolve.

Our Facilities

Roaster room #1

Probat 12 - Silver

A drum roaster with a maximum capacity of 12 kilos per batch. 

Floor scale, 40" screen, good lighting



Roaster room #2

Probat 12 - Gold

A drum roaster with a maximum capacity of 12 kilos per batch. 

Floor scale, 40" screen, good lighting



Roaster room #3

Typhoon 20 - Black

A fluidbed roaster with a maximum capacity of 20 kilos per batch. 

Floor scale, 40" screen, good lighting



Not in operation

QC Labs

Our two Quality Control Labs are equipped with La Marzocco Linea PB X / Linea Mini / 2x Linea Micra espresso machines and grinders from Mahlkönig, Mythos, and Eureka. Plus a wide variety of filter brewing equipment, and all the tools you need for measuring, testing, and tasting your coffees.

Packing room

Two packing lines with automatic packing machines, heat sealers, grinders, label printers, and all the other tools you need for packing your beans in bags.

Cupping room

The cupping room is equipped with industry-standard, state-of-the-art cupping gear: EK43, 2-liter kettles, scales, cupping cups, cupping spoons, high tables, etc.


Pallet Storage

Around 500 sqm of pallet storage space with our own loading dock, electric forklift, and cargo lift.


Communal space

Communal table and a small kitchen to share lunch, coffee, ideas, and knowledge.  


Sample roasting

We have two sample roasters: The Link roaster by Nucleus Coffee Tools and Ikawa Pro roaster.


Co-working Space

Airy and well-lit co-working space with tables, shelves, and lockers for all (non)paper work.

Image by Mak

Logistic center

Logistic center for shipping and receiving green/roasted coffee and everything else

See our Membership options and join the fun.

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