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Do., 11. Jan.


Communal Coffee

Semilla Coffee Cupping

Cupping coffee from smallholder producers of Monkaaba, from Huila, Colombia, and learning more about this producer-led training and support organization as well as Semilla Coffee.

Semilla Coffee Cupping
Semilla Coffee Cupping

Time & Location

11. Jan. 2024, 17:00 – 20:00

Communal Coffee, Naumburger Str. 4, 12057 Berlin, Germany

About the event


For Semilla, coffee is more than the seed of a tropical fruit that can be transformed into a delicious beverage with proper care along all stages. It's a material that connects history, society, politics, culture, international policy, philosophy, and more. It contains years and years of hard work, directly affecting the livelihoods of millions worldwide.

So, the question becomes, how to maximize the specialty market in order to make the biggest impact on the most amount of people while also bringing forth a high-quality product to the end consumer?

For their part, Semilla commits to specific communities that have the energy and passion to connect to the specialty market and can broaden and deepen their commitment to them rather than buying only the top lots. To speak about coffee as the product of people rather than only for its sensory attributes. And working in close collaboration with these groups to listen to what they need to succeed - from meeting the prices they request to investing in a physical and intellectual infrastructure that will allow them to thrive in this market.

In short,  Semilla commits to the slow and steady work of buying solid coffees from producers without access and seeking to see the rising tide float all boats.

Join us to cup Semillas coffees and learn about them as a company.

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