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Capim Branco - Brazil

Flavor notes: Chocolate, marzipan, raisin

Medium dark roast

Variety: Catuai

Processing: Natural

Region: Minas Gerais


The producers

Capim Branco Estate is owned by the Andrade family and is currently run by the brothers Ismael and Eduardo.

The brothers founded the BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association in 1991 through the initiative of twelve producers, who envisioned the opportunities that investing in the quality of the coffee would bring. BSCA supports all small coffee producers in the region; not only that, but it also helps producers improve quality, which improves sustainability. Helping producers reach out to importers worldwide with eco-friendly coffee is another activity that BSCA performs.

In order to establish direct relationships with roasters worldwide, they also founded their own exporting company, enabling them to send their coffee from origin on a Direct Trade basis.


The farm

Capim Branco is one of the oldest coffee farms in Minas Gerais, dating back to 1901.  The 300-hectare estate sits 1.150 meters above sea level and grows 1.5 million trees. 

Combined with the region's natural conditions, the correct management of crops, crop planning, and post-harvest with selection criteria of cherries, grains, and natural drying, the results are excellent quality, award-winning beans appreciated worldwide.

The volcanic soils are perfect for growing Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuaí, and Red Catuai varietals, which thrive here and account for the majority of the farm’s yield. This is where Brazil’s best natural coffee beans are produced.

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